Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I have always been an admirer from afar when it comes to the diminutive space cowboy called Beck. Like Cher, Madonna, Prince and Dawg the bounty hunter, he is deserving of  the coveted single name status. His introduction to my world came in 7th grade when I had both glasses and braces. So, as one might imagine, I often wondered if I was, in fact, un perdedor.  Maybe so, maybe not.
All I remember is from the confusing, post Kobain world of grunge arose a fresh young act in a brown hat who could do it all: Sing, rap, dress in a way parents didn't like, and, most importantly, create fresh, genre bending sounds. Beck's music grew with us, introducing music lovers young and old to his very own gumbo of hip hop psychedelia, mellow, heart wrenching ballads and funky,  tech infused rock and roll.  The show last Wednesday was something I will never forget.  Familiar tunes like "Loser", "Sexx Laws", "The New Pollution" and "Devil's Haircut" had the sold out crowd (including my "Beck Head" girlfriend) at Red Hat Amphitheater going apeshit.   A wonderful evening indeed for all in attendance.  I look forward to knowing as much as I can about Beck before my next sighting of the living legend.

Beck's band of at least 6, lucky for us, consisted of the same group of musicians who played on Guero and his new record, Morning Phase.

Red Hat Amphitheater 7-23-14 Devil's Haircut,  Black Tambourine,  The New Pollution,  Modern Guilt,  Blue Moon.  Lost Cause. Blackbird,  Chain,  Loser,  Beercan,  Hell Yes (Ghettochip Malfunction remix),  Qué Onda, Güero,  Chemtrails,  I Think I'm in Love / I Feel Love (Donna Summer cover),  Heart Is a Drum,  Say Goodbye,  Wave,  Waking Light,  Girl,   E-Pro
Encore: Sexx Laws,  Minus (Teased "Debra" but Beck … more), Where It's At.

Decent footage of Beck at The Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta from this tour.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Small World

Every year that goes by I am reminded of just how small the world is.  For example, Raleigh guitar whiz Chris Boerner has been wowing us for years with his razor sharp guitar work in The Hot at Nights, The Foreign Exchange , The Proclivities and his work with Jeanne Jolly ( to name a few).

I am a self confessed obsessive of the band Ween and have been since the fifth grade.  I found out earlier this year that, through a connection at Merge Records, Chris Boerner was suggested to play guitar on Aaron Freeman ( the artist formerly know as Gene Ween's) new solo record, Freeman.  The fact that someone I've known personally since high school, who's music I've  had the distinct pleasure of writing about, and who was never really into Ween is now playing with a true musical hero of mine is simply mind-blowing and wonderful. Small world indeed.  

Freeman comes out July 22nd on Partisan Records.

Listen: "(For a While) I Couldn't Play my Guitar Like a Man." by Aaron Freeman featuring Chris Boerner.

Look: Chris Boerner tearing shit apart with the heavenly Jeanne Jolly:

Look: Aaron Freeman performs "Sarah."

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's back

Their seems to be a shortage of bloggers out there, so I've decided to bring Indoorsy back. With a little help from above, I hope to make it rich with content involving the important things like  life, love, the Kardashians, religion, and the decline of civilization and rap.

As my first post, back up in the BLOGOSPHERE, I feel it's my duty as a blogger / professional journalist of the highest integrity  (tomato / tomato )  to give my readers an update on my so called life.  Well, I'm pretty sure Brian Krakow and Ricky are still space docking each other while Jordan Catalano is still on bed rest from a tragic pink sock episode.    What's her name is on a hit program starring If Mandy Patankin Was a Horse.   Meanwhile, I have continued living a life of adventure and enjoyment making friends and arts and crafts.

I am still in shock over the election results, btw.  I mean OMG.  Like, seriously people. What is the deal?

The new season of Portlandia has proved, yet again, that Fred and Carrie do indeed have "the goods".  Which brings up a  new hot topic:  Anti Humor.  This is the term attached to a cash of brilliant comedic minds out there doing their worst... and it is right on time.  Shows like Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Eric Andre, Comedy Bang Bang, Childrens Hopsital, etc. have become cult sensations and so the word for this brand of off off off beat comedy has been inked.  My opinion is created solely on my connection to the style of such shows due to the fact that these people remind me of myself and friends with whom I share the same taste in many things.  The low brow aspect and seemingly drug soaked trippiness of a show like Tim and Eric has the  instant stigma of "stoner" humor, which it certainly can be.  But, at the same time, they are completely shitting all over stoner humor which makes it even funnier and all the more creative and well thought out.  Awesome Show is twisted up in a convincing enough manner to make us believe these guys are doing less or the same amount of work than what we see on the screen .   Heidecker and Wareheim sem to be completely out to lunch, but if you pay attention, it becomes blindingly obvious that the joke is really on anyone who thinks that.  I've been watching for years and usually get sick of it for a while and then dive back in.

After seeing Tim Heidecker Star in Rick Alverson's black comedy "The Comedy" as a spoiled hipster who, like many of this generation, is totally desensitized and to whom "nothing's shocking", all assumptions and predetermined thoughts about his talent and conviction as an artist are  removed.

We have reached the point at which everything is so incredibly unfunny,  prefabricated, beat up and generic out there that all we have left to do now is turn comedy on its side.   Seriously, look at what's on comedy central and the majority of stand ups talking about text messaging, the airport, the club, etc.  It's depressing.    more later..



Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Walking into a screening of J. Edgar at the local 2.00 dollar theater (the only place to take in the cinema in Raleigh with any class), I was expecting to be bombarded with fascinating information about the life and career of J. Edgar Hoover - founder and director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for some 48 years.  Unfortunately, the movie revolved around one thing and one thing only: his relationship with his boyfriend.

Famous for keeping secret files on literally everyone he possibly could and serving under  7 presidents, my expectations were high as to the volume of information this film would provide.  Instead, it touched on some anti communist shit, a little bit of info on Eleanor Roosevelt, and his trouble with certain members of congress.  Besides that, it was just a continuous exercise in homosexual angst.  now, I am not in any way anti homosexual.  What two men or woman do in the privacy of their own sex life is their call.  I just hoped this movie was more informative and less,  His BF was played by the same guy who played the Winklevi, so that made it easier to swallow.

2 thumbs way down.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gene Ween loses his shit at the Cradle!

Too bad I missed this because I was getting my hip fixed, but rave reviews keep rolling in from fans.
"It was a total shit show!" exclaimed a young fan of the singer songwriter.  An avid Ween fan and blood relative of mine suggested Mr. Ween had , in fact, had a complete "melt down"  on stage.  "I mean, he could not remember the chords or words to songs he himself wrote twenty years ago...songs he has played live literally thousands of times.  It was laughable!"

At least he played SARAH


I just got home from the hospital today from Duke after having my right hip replaced.  I must say the experience wasn't as miserable as some might think.  I was well medicated throughout the entire ordeal and the fat nurses did not try to touch me in any way I wouldn't normally allow.  The first night in , I woke up at 3:00 am with a peculiar itch on my nose.  I of course scratched it and went back to sleep.  About an hour later again my nose tickled enough to take me out of deep sleep to deal with the itch.  I quickly put my hand my face ready for a satisfactory scratch when I suddenly realized my hand was covered in whipped cream.  As I became more cognoscente of the situation laughter echoed from all around the small room.  It turned out the nurses were having a laugh and did the old tickle the nose, cream the hand camp trick.  Well, I fell for it alright.  In fact, I slipped and fell on some of the spilled whipped cream and broke my new hip.  I had all the nurses fired.  The end.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ms. Elizabeth Hawkins

show details 12:12 PM (2 hours ago)

Attn: Beneficiary,
Note that in regards to your over due funds release to you, your due required fees has been settled by the central bank through the federal high court in Lagos in a 14 page affidavit sworn on your behalf and we hereby notify you that your funds have been cleared to be delivered to you through the UN zonal office here in New York.
Be officially informed that Mr. Gregory Williams, a diplomat attached with the UN zonal office will inform you of his arrival with your funds by tomorrow, please you are urgently required to forward your address and your direct telephone number immediately.
Thanks for your urgent co-operation.

Mrs Elizabeth Hawkins.
UN Zonal Office, New York,Usa


Your message has been sent.

dan reeves

to hawkinsmrseliz.
show details 2:16 PM (12 minutes ago)

Mrs. Hawkins,

I have long awaited a response from the Zonal office in New York. Thank you so much for officially informing me that MR. Gregory Williams will inform me of my arrival of funds tomorrow.

My address: 2866 Blumpkin Avenue
Reah, Pennsilvania
267 - 878-1325


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

They sure don't make em like they used to...

Thank you Steve Hobbs!

Jazz Vibraphonist Steve Hobbs was kind enough to write in to Metro Magazine regarding a piece I wrote about his latest album Vibes Straight Up. You can read my article here.

Dan’s Gift

I usually don’t do interviews because writers always twist what I say to make a point that they — the writer — want to make. I have to say, of any interview I have done in my career, Dan Reeves did an incredible job of writing straight to the points I was trying to make in his interview with me for Metro Magazine (“Raleigh Vibraphonist Hits Top of Jazz Charts With New CD” — March 2010).

I had four hours of sleep the night before my interview with Dan, and was speaking all around my points, which he amazingly figured out — and put on paper so eloquently.

And in addition to representing me the musician, Dan grasped what I said about being a teacher at Powell Elementary Magnet School and tied it in with the entire article. Helping children is just as important as playing music, any day of the week.

Dan is one hell of a writer. Tell him never to stop writing. He has a gift.

Steve Hobbs


Mahavishnu Orchestra

So sickening :

Band of Horses releases long awaited new record, opens for Widespread Panic

It wasn't so long ago when Band of Horses was a fresh discovery. A new sound stuffed with potent lyrics and a vocal resonance unlike anything else around. Everything All The Time was outstanding for a debut album from a band so young. Song by song, the entire album was simply amazing; seeking and skipping was completely unnecessary.

Remarkably, Cease To Begin was equally if not more entrancing than Everything All The Time. All of the sudden everyone and their brother was a fan of BOH. We have anxiously awaited the release of album number three for quite a while and have memorized every song Band of Horses has recorded frontwards and backwards.

This weekend BOH is opening for Widespread Panic at Walnut Creek in support of their new record Infinite Arms available May 18th. I think opening for the gig is a smart move for the Horses since fans of jam bands like Widespread Panic are starting to explore other types of music. Usually, the opening band is ignored. This time everyone should get their early and open their eyes and ears to one of the undisputed best bands of the past 5 years.

Recommended listening:

The Funeral

No One's Gonna Love You

Ode to LRC

Marlins Will Soar by Scott Stapp


Friday, April 16, 2010


You know spring has sprung and summertime is not to far off when Widespread Panic comes to Walnut Creek. The Athens born jam band is giving Raleigh the usual two night stand over the weekend of April

23th and 24th and will, as always, draw a huge crowd of youngsters, hippies, lovers of music and a lot of

people who just wanna party.

That is the leading reason I avoid attending Panic shows. Too many kids on to many drugs who really don’t care about anything except being seen at the show pumping their fists, screaming the words, hitting all the right lines from all the big songs and wearing really unoriginal t-shirts.

For instance, my personal favorite is the Fed EX take off which says “SPREAD EX” on the front and “SEND YOUR MIND” on the back. This leads me to my next point, Panic is truly a great band. I have a special place in my heart for their music and I always will. But, they cover a lot of songs written by a lot of important song writers and their audience hasn’t the slightest clue.

“Send Your Mind” is a Van Morrison Song, but ask almost anyone at the shows and they will say it’s an original. In fact “Satisfied” was and still is the most popular slogan for the band on stickers, t-shirts, hats - you name it. And lead singer John Bell does a terrific cover of the song and even goes off on tangents and raps of his own design much like the original writer of the song – Van Morrison.

I guess what I am trying to get across here is that Widespread Panic is good, great even sometimes. They are clearly influenced by some of the greatest musicians and bands of all time : Warren Zevon, Talking Heads, Van Morrison, Neal Young, Joe Strummer, Frank Zappa, JJ Cale, and so forth and so on. I just wish more of the fans knew that.